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T H E   B O O K   O F   W I N C H E S T E R

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I have the biggest blister on my foot and only a thing like this would happen to me on the day I get to go to my best friends house
Life sucks

Villains don’t get happy endings.

Villains don’t get happy endings… but that doesn’t mean all villains don’t deserve them

Destiel Graphics Challenge: omgfrankiero vs. yaydean

Prompt: Home




oh. my. GOD.

OMFG I’m singing it

*sings it in my head*

I eat healthy, but people correlate eating healthy with thinness. In reality they don’t have a lot to do with one another. You can be skinny but not healthy.

Andrew Scott | Picture 15/?

I’m currently on tumblr while swinging at the park
Yes, I’m 17 years old
No, I don’t give a fuck


well its that time of the month again ! i’ve decided to do this month a little bit differently ! instead of doing a poll , i’ll just be choosing the winner myself and will have 2 runner ups ! hopefully this will be fun, good luck !

rules : 
  • must be following me
  • fandom blogs only please
  • reblog this once, likes will not count
  • open until april 30th
  • i’ll choose 1 winner + 2 runner ups 
  • they will be announced may 1st
what the winner will get : 
  • a spot on my updates bar
  • a detailed promo + as many promos you’d like for 1 month
  • a follow if i’m not already
  • my love and friendship !
what the runner ups will get :
  • a spot on my updates bar
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  • up to 5 promos for 1 month
  • and of course virtual hugs yah